Bavarian Forest Nature Park

Naturpark Bayerischer Wald

Endless forests, countless mountain streams and lakes shrouded in legend can be found in the Bavarian Forest Natural Park. As well as incomparable flora and fauna. Let the endless mountain wilderness draw you into its spell.

The Bavarian Forest Natural Park is located in the South East of Germany, between the Danube and the mountains, along the Bavarian-Bohemian border. To the East, it borders the Bavarian Forest National Park and in the North the Upper Bavarian Forest Natural Park.


The Bavarian Forest Natural Park has existed since 1967 and is one of the oldest Natural Parks in Bavaria. It covers the county of Regen, parts of the counties of  Deggendorf and Straubing-Bogen lying to the North of the Danube as well as the county of Freyung-Grafenau, a total of 307,700 hectares. 

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A Natural Park is not a National Park

Natural Parks are areas which are "mainly meet the criteria of protected countryside, which have a particular variety, uniqueness and beauty and which are well suited for rest and recreation because of their rural features".

In Natural Parks, for example, the interests of nature protection and conservation should be in harmony with the interests of those seeking rest and recreation. They should serve the purpose of protecting and developing the typically agricultural landscape. The preservation and development of sustainable, extensive agriculture and forestry is therefore also necessary.

National Parks are areas which let nature be nature. They protect natural landscapes in which the specifics of nature are allowed free rein and they also provide refuge for endangered species of wild plants and animals. Thus National Parks provide a unique environment for experiencing nature, learning about the environment and research. This makes them indispensable for biological diversity and the wealth of species on our planet.