The Bavarian Forest National Park

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Discover the Bavarian Forest National Park.

Germany’s first National Park was extended on 1st August 1997 to 24,000 hectares, making it the largest Forest National Park in Central Europe. Here nature can develop freely, according to its own laws and man is only an interested observer. The forests in the Bavarian Forest National Park grow undisturbed, rivers and brooks find their own, unfettered way.

The Bavarian Forest National Park

Wald im Nationalpark

Discover the Bavarian Forest National Park in your holidays!

Grenzenlose Wildnis im Nationalpark Bayerischen Wald

For visitors, the National Park offers many different things to do on holiday. More than 200km of marked paths take you from the valleys to the peaks of the Rachel and Lusen and allow you to experience ‘wild forest nature’ with its original plants and animals. You can see for yourself the natural regeneration of the forest, how a new forest comes to life – more varied and genuine than it was before.  

Heulende Wölfe im Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald

In the Animal Enclosures I HEH you will find the typical animal world of the Bavarian-Bohemian border mountains, including wolves and brown bears, which died out in the mid 19th century, as well as lynx which have become indigenous again. You can find out about what is available even before your holiday. Just ask for the Bavarian Forest National Park’s current programme of guided walks.
In the Animal Enclosures II HZW you will also find the typical habitat of wolves and lynx.

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